Division 4 Finalists/Times

May 1, 2010

Jana Cheteleva 2:00pm
Redi Llupoi 2:30pm
Yoriko Oguri 3:00pm
Marion Scott 3:330pm
Tania Stavreva 4:00pm
Jack Kurutz 4:30pm


Division 1 Winners

May 1, 2010

1st place – Jessica Gao
2nd place – Simonida Spasojevic
3rd place – Ririko Uchida

Honorable Mentions: Leon Fan, Elizabeth Zhang, and Rubin Zou


Division 3 Winners

May 1, 2010

1st Place – Chi Wei Lo
2nd Place – Mackenzie Melemed (tie)
2nd Place – Eun Mee Hong (tie)
3rd Place – Yong Murray

Honorable Mentions: Eric Zhang, Winston Huang, Matthew Wu, Henry Zavriyen



April 4, 2010

When Steinway & Sons introduced the Boston Performance Edition line of pianos late last year, we were confident that these new instruments would have an important place in the Steinway Family of Pianos, which includes the flagship Steinway brand, along with Boston and Essex. Still, we have been pleasantly surprised at the warm reception that has been given to the Boston Performance Edition.

Students, teachers and musical professionals alike have embraced the Boston Performance Edition pianos. The feedback we have received includes comments that the “PE’s” richer tone (made possible by a new maple inner rim construction that isolates the soundboard); and more precise tuning (thanks to Steinway’s patented Octagrip™ Pinblock structure for more consistent pin torque).

Details aside, everybody who plays the new Boston Performance Edition simply loves the feel and sound of the piano. And most are amazed that such rich tone comes from an instrument priced in the mid-range.

We invite you to come hear for yourself what a remarkable piano Steinway has produced in the new Boston Performance Edition. Visit an M. Steinert & Sons showroom in Boston or Natick soon, and prepared to be impressed!



January 8, 2010

The 2010 Steinway Society of Massachusetts Piano Competition will be held April 30-May 2, in two locations. Official entry forms are available at either M. Steinert & Sons location, or on the web at http://www.steinwaysocietymass.org.

The 2010 Piano Competition will consist of 4 divisions open to pianists of any nationality. The First Division (age 9 and under) will compete at M. Steinert & Sons’ Natick location. The Second, Third and Fourth Divisions will compete at M. Steinert & Sons’ Boston location.

First Division (age 9 and under)
Location: M. Steinert & Sons, Natick
Application Fee: $40
Audition Requirements: 2 Pieces from contrasting styles for a maximum of 5 minutes
Prizes: Medals for First, Second & Third place and participation

Second Division (6th- 8th grade)
Location: M. Steinert & Sons, Boston
Application Fee: $70
Audition Requirements: 2 pieces from contrasting styles for a maximum of 10 minutes
Prizes: Medals for First, Second & Third place and participation

Third Division (9th-12th grade)
Location: M. Steinert & Sons, Boston
Application Fee: $70
Audition Requirements: 2 pieces from contrasting styles for a maximum of 15 minutes
• 1st Prize: $300
• 2nd Prize: $2c00
• 3rd Prize: $100

Fourth Division (College age through age 36)
Location: M. Steinert & Sons, Boston
Application Fee: $70
Audition Requirements:
o Preliminary Round – Audio CD
o An audio CD containing a maximum of 20 minutes of music featuring at least two different styles must be received no later than February 28th, 2010. YouTube videos will be accepted in lieu of an audio CD. Candidates will be notified of acceptance into the semifinal round by March 19, 2010.
• Semi-final round
o Chosen candidates will perform two pieces from contrasting styles for a maximum of 20 minutes.
• Final round
o Candidates will perform two or more pieces or movements from contrasting styles for a maximum of 30 minutes. Selections from the second round cannot be repeated in the third round. Selections from the preliminary round can be used in all rounds.
• 1st Prize: Concert Tour in Europe or $1,500
• 2nd Prize: $600
• 3rd Prize: $300

Special Note: All Fourth Division contestants whose applications and CDs are received by February 28, 2010 will be considered for performance opportunities in the Greater Boston area, some of which may be paid engagements.


Competition Rules:
• Complete applications will be accepted in the order received.
• Contestants who apply after the competition is full will receive a full refund of their fee.
• All contestants must perform from memory.
• Contestants must provide a copy of the music they intend to perform at the time of the audition.
• Winners of previous Steinway Society competitions are not eligible to compete.
• Contestants will receive notification via email of audition day and time.
• Any contestant who is not available to play at his/her appointed time may request to perform last.
• All Jurors’ decisions are final and the Jury has the right to withhold any of the prizes.
• Jurors will not judge contestants to whom they are related, or with whom they have been in a teaching relationship.
• The Jury may stop contestants at any time during the performance.
• Cash awards are subject to applicable U.S. income tax laws.
• The prizewinner from each division must perform in the award recital the evening of May 2, 2010 in order to receive his/her award.
• Each contestant accepts unconditionally the rules of the competition by submitting his/her signed application.

Please include the following items with your entry:
• A check in the correct amount for your division, made payable to “Steinway Society of Massachusetts.”
• For 4st Division, an audio CD or YouTube audition video link.
• For all Divisions, a biographical profile of approximately 100 words that can be used for press purposes.

All materials must be postmarked by April 9th for Divisions 1-3 and by February 28, 2010 for Division 4, and sent to:

Steinway Society of Massachusetts
162 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02115

For additional information please call (866) 871-9786 or visit http://www.steinwasocietyofmassachusetts.org


Piano Competition Dates for 2010 Announced

November 11, 2009

We are pleased to announce the dates of the 2010 Steinway Society of Massachusetts Piano Competition. Next year’s event will take place April 30 – May 2, 2010. The Piano Competition will again take place at historic Steinert Hall in Boston.

The 2010 competition will be extra special, as our sponsor, M. Steinert & Sons, will be celebrating the company’s 150th anniversary.

More details about the 2010 Piano Competition will be posted as they become available. Please check back often.


Practice Makes Perfect

October 29, 2009

Greatness comes with a price. And in the case of musicians, that price is hours and hours of practice.

That point was brought home recently right here at our Boston showroom. As you may know, the upper floors of Steinert Hall on Boylston Street contain numerous practice rooms and teaching studios.

This week the music emanating from one of our practice rooms was at a higher level, as Joseph Silverstein, former concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, spent several hours working with Max Levinson, Steinway Artist and professor at Boston Conservatory.

The setting was casual – no tuxedoes. But the effort was still intense as the two artists worked on several complex pieces. It was a genuine treat for those of us who were able to witness the collaboration between these accomplished masters.

Brendan Murphy